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May cause hysterical laughter and awe!


Looking for entertainment? You've come to the right place. Close-up magic is a new and exciting entertainment style, just recently introduced to the danish market.

The entertainment is designed for the grown up audience and challenges the suspension of disbelief by presenting magic that presumably defies the laws of nature.

It's not magic as you probably know it. There are no white rabbits or hidden assistants. This is magic based on sleight of hand, psychology and humor.

Chose between two types of entertainment:


The magic can be in Danish or English or even a mixture. When working tables at international parties the language is decided depending on each table.

Contact me at underholdning@gmail.com


Christian Vandsø
has performed for:

TDC Forlag A/S

Lego A/S

Codan A/S

Maersk A/S

DST Kemi A/S

Danlog ApS

Cypress A/S

Alpha Containers ApS

SMC biler A/S


Novo Nordisk A/S

Cardiosport A/S

Stark A/S

Direkte ApS

TK Development

McDonalds A/S

Martin A/S

Jensens Bøfhus

Australian Bodycare A/S


Korsnäs packagin A/S

.... and many others